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Achieve the levels avoiding blisters in Pixel Jump

Looking for the best background music while you play online games? Try Pixel Jump and enjoy what you need. The music is just like a nano polka party. In this game, you can meet your desire to jump in the air. Sure, do it but be careful. Are you ready and able to achieve all the levels without facing any blisters?
The game can be played by using the left mouse button, UP arrow key, and the Spacebar. Also, the A and D keys are available for playing this game, so try them if you are uncomfortable with using the arrow keys. If you don’t like the effects, just mute the game by pressing the button, designed at the top of the game.

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Stickman’s actions in Electric Man 2

I am among the people who love playing online games, the games either make me laugh and happy until I fall on my seat. Electric Man 2 is the game that I like it much as I like the things related to electricity. Maybe it looks crazy, but I suggest that you check some of its features. If you want to check its futuristic graphics, smooth controls, and excellent game progression, start playing it online.
While playing the game, you will see the Stickman reacting differently in several situations. So, if you run toward your enemy, it will move completely different than it would move if you don’t run. The character’s kicking and sliding in the air are very attractive.
Electric Man 2

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Save 3 Pandas from Evil Pirates

Who doesn’t like the innocent looking pandas? Unfortunately, pirates has captured 3 Pandas and you have to help to be free in a new flash game. Good thing is this game is a online one and totally free.
In this game, you have to use these 3 pandas and their abilities. One of them is tall, one is small and the last one is medium size. They can do different stuffs like carrying weights of other two, or the smallest one can be shoot at certain direction. Using their abilities you have to solve puzzles and progress through the story. How they escape from the pirates and adventure through an island is a story you will like to know. So, help them but playing the game and enjoy!

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