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Catch More Fish in Fish Hunter 2

Here comes another installment of Fish Hunter! The Fish Hunter 2 will certainly keep your focus on hunting food. In this game, you are a caveman and you need to hunt fish as your food. The controls are easy; you can use arrow keys to go up, down, left, or right. Then you can catch the fish using spacebar. However, you must be extra careful on what fish you would hit. You should not catch two poison fishes. Once you got one of those poison fishes, you will see that the character will be dizzy.
Remember that you must be fast in catching the fishes because this game has a time limit. And you only have 30 sticks to use to catch those fishes. You will surely enjoy this fish hunting game because it is simple yet very fun. So try to catch more fish in Fish Hunter 2!

Fish Hunter 2

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All you need in Draw Play 3 are exist

Looking for the 3rd part of the series Draw Play? Get ready to enjoy it now because it came with new features and new look. In this third installment called Draw Play 3, you will have to draw a level as your own in order to get your person to the flag. Achieving the levels is not easy; you have to be aware of some traps, which could be a hindrance to get to the flag. This version is the latest part of the series. It came after a long time because the 2nd version was released about several months ago. You can use different controls in this game. Arrow keys and WASD will same roles, while Q and E can be used to draw and erase. In addition, you can use your mouse to draw a terrain where your person can walk to reach the flag.
Enjoy this game with your kids, as they will surely love this game too. It will enhance their creativity while drawing and playing. Plus, it is a good bonding experience for the whole family.

Draw Play 3

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Duck Life 5 cheats

Duck life game series is one of the most favorite animal racing games online. Each and every episode of this game has a unique and exciting appeal for all online gamers. This game has offered another excitement in Duck life 5 Treasure Hunt. You will surely enjoy designing your own little duckling and join him in his newest adventure.

Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt is rated as the most popular and most exciting among all Duck Life game series. Your duckling here will not engage in any trainings or competitions. Instead, your little duckling went in an adventure of treasure hunting. After defeating the Fire Duck, the volcano became inactive. Gossips had spread that there is a hidden treasure in the cave of the volcano. Treasure hunters from different parts of the world wanted to try their luck in the said treasure. Your duckling is among those interested in finding the said treasure.

As you enter the cave, avoid all kinds of hurdles and try to go as far as possible. Collect gold coins as much as you can. Those gold coins are equivalent as your cash. There are six stores or shops outside the cave where you can buy helpful tools, accessories and pets. Among the six stores outside the cave is a Pet Store. There you can find all kinds of pets which will be of great help as you go on an adventure in the cave.


Outside the store, there is the Jetpacks Store where you can buy high tech jetpacks. A Mechanic Shop is also there where high tech devices are available. In the Witch Ducktor Shop, you can buy coin magnets. You will as well enjoy designing your own duckling in the Hairdresser Shop. You can change your duckling’s hair, eyes and tattoo. You can also design your own duck in the Clothing Store. Buying these tools, accessories and pets for your duckling would be great and helpful. But you first need to earn the required amount because they are a bit expensive.

Duck Life 5 is an addicting challenging adventure game. Although some players prefer to discover cheats and instantly advance in playing. If you visit, you will discover more about it.

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Play Free Online Zombie Games

Are you a man who likes playing game filled with a lot of adventure and action as well as carnage and massacre? Play Free Online Zombie Games that follow an apocalypse of zombies. Travel to find a place where you can live safe and secure and struggle for yourself, your family, and all the other people who live near you. The games are created, launched, and published by Aneg Metex company, which is a popular brand in the games market.
The sponsor of the game is At the bottom of this game, you will see some links, such as Play, Options, Credits, and More Games. The play button is created to start playing, the Option link is made to choose some things to play, The credits is designed to show the names of people who have spent their time in creating such amazing game.

Free Online Zombie Games

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Play Feudalism 3 to challenge your mind!

Do you like strategy games? Do you want a strategy game that will really make you think? Well then, the game for you is Feudalism 3! In the third installment of the great game series, you are once again challenged to complete each fun yet difficult mission and pass all the obstacles that will hinder you from winning. There are many characters to choose from and what’s great about the game is that you can customize you character to fit your needs. To know more about that different classes of characters you can play and the controls of the game, NAVIGATE TO THIS SITE.
Feudalism 3 is a super fun and exciting strategy game that will keep you up for hours. Navigate to the page now and challenge your mind to something very amazing.

Feudalism 3

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Robo Slug saves the day!

Robo-Slug! You are being called to perform a mission. Someone has hacked into the military robots and they have gone haywire. You need to destroy the main robot in order to defeat the hacker. In order to do this, eliminate all the robots attacking you to complete each level. With a variety of weapons in your arsenal, this task will as easy as pie for you! The controls of the game are fairly easy. WASD for moving, J for shooting and L for shooting grenades. Robo Slug is a very fun game that will surely leave you breathless for more action.

If you’re looking for something to occupy your time, something that will let you have so much fun, then Robo Slug is definitely the game for you. What are you waiting for? Play now!

Robo Slug

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