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Battle for Territory in Warlords Epic Conflict

Why are there territory conflicts happening in different places around the world? The answer is because of misunderstanding regarding area of responsibility. One claims a territory which was also claimed by another. This issue is a critical one because it can lead to more serious scenarios if not solved through peace talks. There is also an existing game which is about conflict of territory. The name of the game is Warlords Epic Conflict. This is about lords competing with one another to see who is the strongest to claim the territory. Warlords Epic Conflict is a game of territory where a player will have to take the responsibility of a commander heading his army to fight againsts evil enemies as well as protecting his base from destruction.
The war will begin and it is up to the commander on how he will strategically defeat the enemies and reclaim their territory. It is a battle of wit, strategy and strength which suits the taste of gamers aiming for more action. Warlords Epic Conflict can be searched and played online.

Warlords Epic Conflict

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Drift away with Drift Runners 2

Have you experienced drift driving or have seen one doing such extreme activity? It is such a thrilling thing to do because it is way intense than the usual driving we are aware of. Gamers who love speed and intensity really go for the flash game that will satisfy their fascination. One great example is the game called Drift Runners 2. It is obviously about driving with a twist. To know more about it, just scroll down. Drift Runners is about driving ahead of other racers through drifting or fast and extreme way of driving. This is actually the second edition of the series Drift runners.
This game offers new features such as 40 levels, which players can really enjoy. 24 tracks, which add up to the level of difficulty the racer could face and 80 achievements up for grabs. Moreover, there are 8 upgradable cars for better drifting and driving. Enjoy Drift Runners 2 by searching for it online or visiting the official website.

drift runners 2

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Get scared or not in Scary Maze Game 7

Scary Maze Game 7 is the seventh version of the series Scary Maze Game. In this version, the rule will still apply just like in the previous ones. The player needs to guide the ball towards the finish line. But in this new field, the maze is not the only challenge the player needs to survive but also the new features which will either distract or beautify your view. To elaborate more about the new challenges in this game, scroll down and be informed. On the first level of the game, the set up includes blinking stars to distract you.
On the second one, the Super Mario Game character is the design and there’s the little one circling around. The third level’s design is a colorful giant fish with small fishes swimming around. Remember to avoid touching the moving characters as well as the walls or else, you will go back to level 1. See this here to get more information.

Scary Maze Game 7

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Embark on an awesome adventure in Fancy Pants 3

Ready for some good news? Is that a YES that I hear? If so then rejoice! Because Fancy Pants is back once again with its third installment, Fancy Pants 3! How cool is that? if it’s your first time playing this incredible game, then undergo the tutorial first so that once you start playing, you’ll play like a pro. The controls of the game is very easy so you definitely won’t have a hard time there. To win the game, complete all amazing levels, and don’t forget to collect all the squiggles as you run! For more talks about it, be sure to check this link.
Super fun, exciting and amazing, Fancy Pants 3 will definitely give you the action and adventure that you’re craving for. So stop what you’re doing now and start playing this awesome game.

Fancy Pants 3

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