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Hotel Escape 2: A Real Brain Teaser

From the makers of Hotels Escape game comes its sequel Hotel Escape 2. In this game, the objective is still the same, and that is to find hidden objects and solving the puzzle to escape the hotel room your are locked in. As a point and click puzzle game, you have to move around the room and hover your mouse into objects to see if you will find something like a clue or a code to open a door.


Escape games like this can be a little difficult at first and you may want to take a peek on the game’s walkthrough but it will take the away the sense of challenge in the game right? Try to complete and solve the puzzle on your own first and when you really can not do it, then perhaps you may ask for a little help. Find out for yourself if you have what it takes to complete Hotel Escape 2.

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What are the Games like Duck Life

Did you enjoy playing Duck Life? If you have finished playing all the series, probably, you would still want more. Duck games are very popular for both adults and children. Some of the duck games may even be played together by the parent and child.

Like Duck Life  (4)

Here are some of the duck games you might find interesting: Duck – Think Outside the Flock which is a logic based flash game; Catch a Duck which is click-to-play puzzle game; Gravity Duck where the duck is on a mission; Duck and Roll which is a physics based game; Duck Hunt Remake 2 which is a duck hunting game; Super Duck Punch – Horse Edition which is attractive for boys; and a lot more. The Duck Life game series is a really fun game, each sequel bringing something new. That is why you want more and look for more flash game like Duck Life.

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On crimson wings we ride across Drakojan Skies

Drakojan Skies 3 is a free arcade game, developed by Omega Dragon 3000. This is the third part of the game Drakojan Skies which was released in 2007 and is based on the same old story. Controls are very easy, you need arrow keys on your keyboard to move and ‘c’ and ‘x’ to attack the enemy. EDU, the great superpowers splits into two in wake of a new monarch and starts bombing the lands of Ethonia. The 51st Royal Marathe Air-Space Force Omega squadron was sent to protect the peoples of Ethonia and raid the EDU positions.


You being one of the pilots of the squad, have to save the innocent peoples of Drakojan from the enemy bomber’s (the EDU squadrons). You can modify your weapons in the game. Two negative points for this game are, this game is not an online game and is very short.

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Earn virtual money in Rich Cars 3

Are you looking for a fun addicting racing adventure? If you are affirmative about it, then Rich Cars 3 is the perfect flash game for you. It is actually part of the very successful game series Rich Cars. There are three reasons why you will love this game. One is because of the involvement of cars which is suitable to car lovers and enthusiasts. Two is because of the mission that the players have to engage or deal with. Three is because of the features and graphics that you will see and enjoy in this flash game. To know more details about this game, continue reading the whole article.


Obviously, your mission is to join a great racing adventure where you will have to deal with dreadful tracks as well as earning virtual money which you can use for upgrades. Race as fast as you can before the time runs out or expires. Enjoy this thrilling and rich racing flash game online.

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