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Race against time in Rally Point 3

If racing games excite you, here is another good game to play, Rally Point 3. You will not race against other cars and instead, you will race against time and against your score. You have to reach the finish line before the target time. You control your car using your keyboard, the arrow keys to steer, Shift and X to drift and Z to boost. Always boost to accelerate but be careful not to let your engine overheat.

Rally Point 3

Unlock tracks and vehicles as you play. Rally Point 3, like the first two sequels of the series, is a time pressured game. But although there is time pressure, the game will not stress you. Play this game for free at But because this game uses Adobe Shockwave Player, you will not be able to play the game on some browsers that do not support said player.

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Race with a Friend in Uphill Rush 5

Racing has never been this good in the fifth installment of the hit game series Uphill Rush – Uphill Rush 5. In this offering of the game to its avid players, there has been changes made on the game’s setting or the background graphics as others call it.

Uphill Rush 5 (3)

Also, there are now only two rounds to complete each map. But perhaps the biggest change they made that really does a huge difference is the number of lives that a player will get at the start of the game, which is now up to nine lives. Great isn’t it? If you haven’t played this game just yet, you can hop over to this site to play Uphill Rush 5 or any of the previous versions if you want. Grab a friend to make the whole gaming experience fun and see who can finish the race with a better smashing score.

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Race Like There’s No Tomorrow in Hard Rock Racing

Car racing flash games that both has a great entertainment value and great visuals are most commonly among the games that receives the most number of plays online. There are quite a number of this said games available today in the world of flash games and one good example of it is Hard Rock Racing.

Hard Rock Racing (3)

This game is a car racing game with loads and loads of action. It can be played by a single player or by multiple players. You can also choose what race you would want to participate in. You can choose from circuit races, sprint racers or free driving as to what you desire to play at a given moment in time. Collect as many cash and missiles on the way for your advantage. In order to get to the next level or race cup, you have to finish in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the race.

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