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Ready Aim and Fire in Tactical Assassin 2

You are sitting in your porch and your friend comes in, you will hide and point at him like holding a rifle, and “bang”. You have done this at least once in your life, didn’t you? So instead of blowing your friend’s head out, why not assassinate other people with a sniper rifle? Sounds good? Then you must try Tactical Assassin 2.

A shooting game, with exciting and fun missions, you will be assigned to kill different people for your group. So gear up and get those sharp eyes to peek on the scope and those steady hands ready to pull the trigger. You play as a hitman that just joined a group, before you go out in live exercises, they will test out your capabilities of you are in the caliber they are looking for.

You will only use the mouse for controls in Tactical Assassin 2, left click to fire your weapon. You will only be looking through the scope so the vision will be limited, maneuver the mouse to check the whole view. Before the mission you will also be briefed about the person who are you going to assassinate. The game is indeed exciting because on some stages you are only required to fire a single shot, and if it does not deliver the killing blow then your mission is consider failed.

There are also stages in which you need to use your creativity to get a clean shot. Afterwards you need to buy different guns, ammunitions and accessories that will help you for easier sniping. Different guns in the shop have different uses, there are guns are better for killing people, but do not have enough firepower to destroy objects.

Although you cannot know which one is better unless you have tried it because there is no information given when you are browsing for weapons. There are 10 missions and after you finish each, you will be given a score depending on your performance. Finish it quicker to earn higher scores and you can the chance to have your name on the high score list.

Tactical Assassin 2 (3)

Share Tactical Assassin 2 and challenge friends on who can get a higher score or even get to the list. You will have fun trying to top off each other’s score and blowing off people’s heads. So take a break and start sniping.

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