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Play VEX 4

One of the best skills games you will find online is the Vex game series. Each new game will surely give you excitement and fun. Feel your adrenaline rush as you run, jump, slide, swim and do acrobatic acts while avoiding deadly obstacles and traps.

The first vex game consists of eight dangerous Acts. Help the stick figure make it through every Act. There is also another mode to play the game, the Stage Builder mode. However, you have to play the pre-developed game to unlock building packs which you can use to create your own stages or Acts.


The second installment, Vex 2, was released soon after the success of the first Vex game. It has nine thrilling Acts with more dangerous obstacles. It also has the Stage Builder mode. This time, there is minimal building tool you can use. Nevertheless, just like in Vex 1, you will be unlocking building packs while you play the pre-developed game. A new feature of Vex 2 is the Achievements room. As you play the game, you will be unlocking achievements. There are thirty achievements for you to complete. As you go on, achievements get a little harder to achieve.

Another new game, Vex 3, went to public with ten Acts and an additional nine Challenge stages. More dangerous obstacles and twists were added to make your gaming more fun. The Stage Builder has a complete building tool too. You can right away create decent own stages even without playing the pre-developed game. The Achievements room was also replaced by the Trophies room. There are forty brand new trophies to complete.

The latest installment, Vex 4, offers more feature. In this new game, you can now choose between a male and a female stick figure to play the game. And as you progress, you could unlock more characters to play on such as the mean bear and cute kitten. There are twenty five Acts in this version. You will also complete twenty five new achievements will you will find in your trophies room. A new feature is the game shop where you can buy power-ups and useful items. The Stage Builder is still there for you to create your own Acts and share them with friends.

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