All you need in Draw Play 3 are exist

Looking for the 3rd part of the series Draw Play? Get ready to enjoy it now because it came with new features and new look. In this third installment called Draw Play 3, you will have to draw a level as your own in order to get your person to the flag. Achieving the levels is not easy; you have to be aware of some traps, which could be a hindrance to get to the flag. This version is the latest part of the series. It came after a long time because the 2nd version was released about several months ago. You can use different controls in this game. Arrow keys and WASD will same roles, while Q and E can be used to draw and erase. In addition, you can use your mouse to draw a terrain where your person can walk to reach the flag.
Enjoy this game with your kids, as they will surely love this game too. It will enhance their creativity while drawing and playing. Plus, it is a good bonding experience for the whole family.

Draw Play 3

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