Be fast and furious with King of Drift

Racing games have been appreciated by many gamers around the world because of three reasons. First is because of the involvement of cars which most people dream of having or riding on as well as racing with. Second is the features and twists that gamers look for in a game. Last is the tremendous game play that really excites, thrills and challenges the players.

King of Drift (3)

This article presents a flash game that is about racing and it is called King of Drift. Your main goal in this particular game is to beat your opponents as fast and furious as you can to win in this whole game. There is only one rule that you should follow which is to drift as fast as you can to left other racers behind by a long shot. Utilize the arrow keys for the car’s movement and press Z for the handbrake. Have a blast playing this perfect racing game and be the king!

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