Be your Boss with Hot Dog Bush!!!

Is there anyone who is not interested to be a vendor? I don’t think so. Everyone wants to be self dependent and make their own business. Hot Dog Bush game is here to give you that feel. The game will give a fixed target of money to earn and you have to do that by selling hot dogs. In the last level your target money will be more than the primary levels.

In the game you will have a Street food shop of Hot Dogs. Consumers will come to buy hot dogs from you. You need to make hot dogs according to their demand. For example, some consumer may want to eat hot dog with sauce and some may not like sauce. Make the hot dogs according to the consumers’ demand and serve the hot dogs on time otherwise their mood will be spoiled and they won’t take your hot dogs. Which will be a lose for you. In each stage you will have a target amount of budget to get. Have fun!!

Bush Hot Dog Stand  (5)

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