Catch More Fish in Fish Hunter 2

Here comes another installment of Fish Hunter! The Fish Hunter 2 will certainly keep your focus on hunting food. In this game, you are a caveman and you need to hunt fish as your food. The controls are easy; you can use arrow keys to go up, down, left, or right. Then you can catch the fish using spacebar. However, you must be extra careful on what fish you would hit. You should not catch two poison fishes. Once you got one of those poison fishes, you will see that the character will be dizzy.
Remember that you must be fast in catching the fishes because this game has a time limit. And you only have 30 sticks to use to catch those fishes. You will surely enjoy this fish hunting game because it is simple yet very fun. So try to catch more fish in Fish Hunter 2!

Fish Hunter 2

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