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Accomplish missions in Strike Force Heroes 2

If you like shooting games, Strike Force Heroes game series will give you fun and satisfaction. The second sequel, Strike Force Heroes 2, contains features every gamer would wish for. You can choose from five different soldiers: the Engineer, the Mercenary, the General, the Sniper and the Juggernaut. Each soldier has different skills, kill streaks and weapons.

At the beginning of the game, you can choose between Campaign Mode, Challenges and Custom Game. In the Campaign Mode, you can set the difficulty of your game to Normal, Hard or Insane. There are fifteen missions in the Challenges. But it is advised that you have finished the Campaign Mode first before you play Challenges. There are seven modes in Custom Game where you can customize your game. As you play, you can also earn twenty one Medals. Know more and play the game for free at


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An entertaining and worthy compilation in Wheely Club

Do you have an idea what Wheely Club is? Is it about a name of a movie, a television series or a flash game? If you choose the last option, then you are totally correct. Wheely Club is actually a compilation of tricks, controls, tips and ideas about the editions belonging to the game series called Wheely. This is a series where a car is the main character named Wheely.


The adventures that you are going to embark are entertaining and challenging at the same time. There are eight games or editions under this compilation which are Wheely 1, Wheely 2, Wheely 3, Wheely 4, Wheely 5, Wheely 6, Wheely 7 and Wheely 8. The goal or objective of the players in each game is to control and guide the car towards its goal. Help Wheely reach his destination and be successful in his intention or goal in that place or area.

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Choose your game mode in Gun Mayhem 6

The Gun Mayhem game series is an action-packed shooting game involving strategies, firearms and weapons. There are several game modes from which players can choose to play. In the sixth edition of the game, Gun Mayhem 6, there are four game modes to choose from: Survival Mode, Zombie Survival Mode, Super Survival Mode and Stinky Bean Survival Mode. In the Survival Mode, you will have to survive from a never ending onslaught of enemies.


In the Zombie Survival, your enemies are undead and harder to kill but worry not, you have unlimited ammo. In the Super Survival Mode, you must survive more enemies. You have twenty rockets and thirty grenades to use against them. In Stinky Bean Survival, you are fighting against stinky bean who does not feel pain. Check out the game in You can customize your character too and choose from lots of head and body.

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It is all about greens and lush in Garden Inventor

If there is one thing that we have to focus on, it would be the environment. We get our food from it. We get our clothes from it. We get almost everything from it but in return, we abuse and don’t care about it. The results are devastating floods, wildfires and destruction. It is not too late to move or act because there is still enough time to save the environment. One way is by instilling the importance of the environment to children. A good way is by letting them play a flash game which is eco-friendly like the one called Garden Inventor.

Garden Inventor (4)

This is like a simulation of a real life gardening but with a twist. The player will have to drag and drop certain kinds of eco-friendly turrets and defeat or eliminate waves of vermins who want to destroy the whole garden. It is similar to playing Plants vs. Zombies. The best thing about this game is that it can raise awareness towards the importance of our environment and the ways on how we can take good care of it.

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Survive blazing challenges in Drift N’ Burn 3

Drift N’ Burn 3 is the third installment from the game series called Drift N’ Burn. This is obviously about racing and drifting if you will base on the title alone. It is quite noticeable that games under the category of racing has been very in demand in the gaming world because of two reasons. First is because of the fact that they involve or include different vehicles that most people are very passionate about. Second is because of the challenges and adventures that they offer which excite and thrill many gamers.

Going back to the main topic, this is already the third offering so you can expect for some developments. There are new tracks to unlock and vehicles to drive and drift. The main objective of the players is to drive, race and drift in different tracks as well as winning them all. There are different modes that you can play such as the World Tour and Quick Play.


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Escape again in earn to die 2012 part 1

In the previous version of Earn To Die, you were able to reach and ride the only escape you had back there, the helicopter. But the helicopter’s fuel capacity is limited and as expected, after some miles, it ran out of fuel. Ending up in another zombie infested area, you need to escape the zombies once again by finding and riding another vehicle. Take a look on the map on your hand before going on.


Earn cash as you run the vehicle each day and upgrade it for better performance and farther distance. When you have earned enough cash, buy the next vehicle and fully upgrade it again. There are three vehicles to own in this Earn to Die 2012 part 1: the sports car, the truck and the school bus. Each vehicle needs upgrades for maximum performance. Maximum upgrade of the sports car and truck are not necessary but it will make your game easier. However, you need to fully uprade the school bus to reach your destination.

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