Choose your game mode in Gun Mayhem 6

The Gun Mayhem game series is an action-packed shooting game involving strategies, firearms and weapons. There are several game modes from which players can choose to play. In the sixth edition of the game, Gun Mayhem 6, there are four game modes to choose from: Survival Mode, Zombie Survival Mode, Super Survival Mode and Stinky Bean Survival Mode. In the Survival Mode, you will have to survive from a never ending onslaught of enemies.


In the Zombie Survival, your enemies are undead and harder to kill but worry not, you have unlimited ammo. In the Super Survival Mode, you must survive more enemies. You have twenty rockets and thirty grenades to use against them. In Stinky Bean Survival, you are fighting against stinky bean who does not feel pain. Check out the game in You can customize your character too and choose from lots of head and body.

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