Drive trucks in Park My Big Rig 2

Park My Big Rig 2 is another parking game. This time, you will be parking all sorts of trucks. You have to park the truck on the flashing parking area within the allotted time. But you must avoid crashing on other vehicles, barricades, fences and any obstacles for it will shorten your truck’s life.

Park My Big Rig 2 (4)

You only have five lives; one crashed will cost you one life. But not to worry, whenever you complete five levels, you will get a bonus life. If you consumed all your lives, you will go back to level one. Park My Big Rig 2 is an addicting fun skill game. Your driving skills will really be put into test. Use the up arrow key to make the truck move forward, down arrow key to make it move backward and left and right arrow keys to make it move left or right.

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