Escape again in earn to die 2012 part 1

In the previous version of Earn To Die, you were able to reach and ride the only escape you had back there, the helicopter. But the helicopter’s fuel capacity is limited and as expected, after some miles, it ran out of fuel. Ending up in another zombie infested area, you need to escape the zombies once again by finding and riding another vehicle. Take a look on the map on your hand before going on.


Earn cash as you run the vehicle each day and upgrade it for better performance and farther distance. When you have earned enough cash, buy the next vehicle and fully upgrade it again. There are three vehicles to own in this Earn to Die 2012 part 1: the sports car, the truck and the school bus. Each vehicle needs upgrades for maximum performance. Maximum upgrade of the sports car and truck are not necessary but it will make your game easier. However, you need to fully uprade the school bus to reach your destination.

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