Go in an adventure in Red Ball 4

If you are looking for some adventures, play the Red Ball game series. It will give you adrenalin rush but not heart attack or hypertension. You will surely have fun as you help the cute little red ball in all his ventures.

In the fourth installment, Red Ball 4 volume 1, you will play as red ball. You have just found out Black Square’s evil plans. He is planning to turn all the red balls into red squares. It is also part of his plan to turn the world into a big square and rule it together with his black square minions. Your main goal is to rescue all the captive red balls and stop Black Square.

Venture in the grassy hills as you make your way to saving those poor red balls. Use the arrow keys of your keyboard to control red ball. The up arrow key will also make red ball jump. The journey is full of obstacles and traps. Black squares will also try to stop you, jump on them to kill them and earn additional points. Do not forget to collect all gold stars along your way for higher score. There are occasions that you will need the wooden crates or rocks along your way in order to jump on higher places or to jump to reach the star.


In Red Ball 4 volume 1, there are Achievements to complete which will boost your score. There are sixteen Achievements to attain. The first few Achievements are quite easy to gain but as you go on, you might find the rest harder to achieve. Can you accomplish all sixteen Achievements?

Red Ball 4 volume 1 has fifteen levels of challenging adventure. You are given three lives to play the game. Be careful though as you go on your adventure and keep in mind you should not die. However, not to worry or panic, you can still play from where you left off even if you lose all three lives as long as you do not clear your browser data. Visit http://redball6.com/red-ball-4/ and play the game for free.

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