It is all about greens and lush in Garden Inventor

If there is one thing that we have to focus on, it would be the environment. We get our food from it. We get our clothes from it. We get almost everything from it but in return, we abuse and don’t care about it. The results are devastating floods, wildfires and destruction. It is not too late to move or act because there is still enough time to save the environment. One way is by instilling the importance of the environment to children. A good way is by letting them play a flash game which is eco-friendly like the one called Garden Inventor.

Garden Inventor (4)

This is like a simulation of a real life gardening but with a twist. The player will have to drag and drop certain kinds of eco-friendly turrets and defeat or eliminate waves of vermins who want to destroy the whole garden. It is similar to playing Plants vs. Zombies. The best thing about this game is that it can raise awareness towards the importance of our environment and the ways on how we can take good care of it.

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