Throw your attackers in Defend the Village 2

Are you up for another tower defense game? Be prepared to once again defend the village. In the game Defend the Village 2, your wrecked town is being attacked by enemies. Using your mouse, left-click on the enemies and fling them away to kill them. Every enemy killed earns you points, money and sometimes, even stones. Throw your attackers high for more money and a chance to get a stone piece.


When enemy drops a stone piece, throw it to your village to get resources. If you have earned enough money, put up town buildings such as the church and architect house. The church is important to recruit attackers to become your people and give them certain functions. You should be quick to build your buildings because your attackers become faster and stronger as you level up. Enjoy defending the village in

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Drive trucks in Park My Big Rig 2

Park My Big Rig 2 is another parking game. This time, you will be parking all sorts of trucks. You have to park the truck on the flashing parking area within the allotted time. But you must avoid crashing on other vehicles, barricades, fences and any obstacles for it will shorten your truck’s life.

Park My Big Rig 2 (4)

You only have five lives; one crashed will cost you one life. But not to worry, whenever you complete five levels, you will get a bonus life. If you consumed all your lives, you will go back to level one. Park My Big Rig 2 is an addicting fun skill game. Your driving skills will really be put into test. Use the up arrow key to make the truck move forward, down arrow key to make it move backward and left and right arrow keys to make it move left or right.

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Head to the box in Ignition 2 game

Test your skills in driving using the arrow keys of your keyboard in Ignition 2 game. This second sequel of said game will give you more excitement and some adrenaline rush. Drive the little black car towards the box at the other end.


The challenge is to drive it to the box within a limited time which you will see at the second line of the upper right corner of the screen. Be careful not to crash or get a scratch, you only have a limited life. You will find your life bar at the upper right corner of the screen just above the time bar. You can also see the part of the game you have completed on the bar under the time bar. Ignition 2 game is a challenging skill game. You do not need to be pressured with the time limit. Just have some fun as you play.

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Be fast and furious with King of Drift

Racing games have been appreciated by many gamers around the world because of three reasons. First is because of the involvement of cars which most people dream of having or riding on as well as racing with. Second is the features and twists that gamers look for in a game. Last is the tremendous game play that really excites, thrills and challenges the players.

King of Drift (3)

This article presents a flash game that is about racing and it is called King of Drift. Your main goal in this particular game is to beat your opponents as fast and furious as you can to win in this whole game. There is only one rule that you should follow which is to drift as fast as you can to left other racers behind by a long shot. Utilize the arrow keys for the car’s movement and press Z for the handbrake. Have a blast playing this perfect racing game and be the king!

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A great story within a game in Red Ball 2

Red Ball 2 is the second installment or the sequel to Red Ball 1. This is a great sequel because of three factors. First is because of the involvement of colored balls that really attract and entertainment gamers especially kids. Second is because of the upgraded or improved game play that will challenge everyone to their limits. Last ie because of the cute and unique story that this sequel has.


The story is about the King Red Ball who wants to retrieve his crown from the evil square. In order to do that, he must seek for your help as the player in this game. Control and navigate the red ball throughout the platform and avoid or overcome the obstacles as much as possible. Make sure that you will be able to reach the goal flags as quick as possible. There are 25 levels to play at Have fun with this adventurous game towards the crown.

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Pamper your nails in Chloe’s Nail Salon

Would it not be nice to relax for a while and pamper yourself in a Spa or Salon? You can do that in Chloe’s Nail Salon flash game. In this game, coddle yourself by having all sorts of nail polishes, nail stickers and nail arts. You have an option between the Challenge Mode and the Freeplay Mode. In Challenge Mode, you can earn money giving customers the designs they desire for their nails.

Chloe's Nail Salon (2)

There are four customers to enjoy serving in the Challenge Mode. Be cautious of the customer’s patience bar though. While in Freeplay Mode, you can do what you want and be artistic in making your own custom nail design. You can choose for a short, medium or long nail cut and you can combine polishes or arts with stickers. In either Mode, if you think you made a mistake on a finger, you can always use the nail cleaner.

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