Race against time in Rally Point 3

If racing games excite you, here is another good game to play, Rally Point 3. You will not race against other cars and instead, you will race against time and against your score. You have to reach the finish line before the target time. You control your car using your keyboard, the arrow keys to steer, Shift and X to drift and Z to boost. Always boost to accelerate but be careful not to let your engine overheat.

Rally Point 3

Unlock tracks and vehicles as you play. Rally Point 3, like the first two sequels of the series, is a time pressured game. But although there is time pressure, the game will not stress you. Play this game for free at http://www.primarygames.com/arcade/racing/rallypoint3/. But because this game uses Adobe Shockwave Player, you will not be able to play the game on some browsers that do not support said player.

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