Rail Rush 1: The Wild Ride

If you are up with some simple but a heart-pounding game, Rail Rush 1 is best suited for you. You can play this anywhere, at anytime, whether on your PC or on your mobile. Travel the underground world of mining in this game. Score as you can. How?
You will have to ride a mine-cart that is traveling outrageously! You will have to avoid certain things. You will have to avoid hitting the objects in front of you by jumping or by bowing. Try to collect as much goodies that you will encounter to earn points. You can use them for your character’s upgrades to make your next games have higher chance of lasting the ride because of timed immunities, and score more. The keys are simple, just navigate right and left to lean, up to jump and down to duck under. Have a wild ride on your computer, or even on your mobile with Rail Rush 1.

rail rush 2 (3)

rail rush 2 (1)

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