Save yourself again in Earn To Die 4

Earn to Die 4 is the continuation of its previous series, Earn to Die 3. The main character from Earn to Die 3 had escaped from the zombies, reached the military base and was boarded the plane that was overrun by the zombies and crashed to the ground. In Earn to Die 4, that same character has to run to the nearest town that is safe from the zombies.

In Earn to Die 4, three cars are available, the four-door sedan, the station wagon and the muscle car. Though no powerful trucks like in the previous series, you will still have to kill a lot of zombies and get through obstacles. Upgrade your first car to make the most of it and bring you as far as possible and until you have enough cash to buy a better vehicle. Repeat the process on your next two cars until you finish the game.


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