strike force heroes 3 game

If you are a fan of war games, you will surely love the Strike Force Heroes game series. It is full of action and adventure. You will shoot all enemies on sight, no one or nothing to leave out. Do not forget to collect power ups as you play. Visit the official site to play all the installments.

It is said the third installment, Strike Force Heroes 3, is the best among the series. Aside from having the best graphics, it also has the best upgrades. The story began with a clipping of what is taking place in a secret hideout of GlobeX. He was having a meeting with his allies and introduced his dark plan of deploying the army of strike force heroes clones. He intends to dominate the world at the expense of the strike force heroes’ team. He said he will succeed where his predecessors failed. Only one strike force heroes’ member is not under their control, which would be you.

It is now your mission to once again gather the other strike force heroes, stop the army of clones from executing GlobeX’s evil plan and put an end to GlobeX madness once and for all. you are now the captain and everything about your team is your decision: from the color of uniforms to how many team members will come in each mission.


There are a total of fifty missions in Strike Force Heroes 3 which you can play for free at its official site. The first twenty missions are the easiest and are normal in difficulty. Missions twenty one to twenty eight are hard in difficulty. And the hardest in difficulty are Missions twenty nine to fifty. Even so, they are not impossibly hard. You can find videos of players who had played and finished all fifty missions. Every mission differs in objectives and rewards. Some missions will require you to win against the enemy while some will require you to kill a number of enemy soldiers. Some will also require you to kill a number of enemy soldiers in a time frame or will require you to kill as many times as possible in a one on one match. Visit the official site to know more.

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