Submachine 3: The Loop: Test Your Brainpowers

This is a puzzle solving game and it’s a little bit different from others in the series. It has one background, you only switch rooms, and there are plenty of them. In every room you have eleven puzzles to solve. Submachine 3: The Loop is an exploring game and very challenging. As you go through the game it gets very difficult, and sometimes you can get stuck, but don’t worry, it isn’t impossible to get on the right track. levels look alike and contain puzzles you need to solve in order to unlock the main exit button. Some of the rooms have maps and levers. When you start the game you find some coordinate device that will help you throughout the game. The game doesn’t contain tutorials like other games, so you have to rely on your own brainpowers, because as the game progresses, puzzles get even more provocative.


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